Tesla Dashboard

Tesla Dashboard is a template for Simhub and dedicated to Beamng-Drive, for simulating a Dashboard from a Tesla vehicle. Download it on. You can suggest anything via email or telegram Download Mail Telegram.

v 0.3

UI Fixes


  • New ui on other screens
  • Music control finally working
  • Fixed some buttons positions
  • Added some functionality in the settings menu
v 0.2.1

General Fixes

This update includes:

  • General fixes
  • New Elements (Gear, Ready)

For now I'm updating the Main Screen, so others screens will have the old ui.

If you have any suggestions / idea, let me know


v 0.2

New Features

In this update i've focused more on the main screen, adding more functional things.


  • Music Player now is showing the name and artist
  • Fixed some buttons on the settings screen pressing "H"
  • Improved the rpm light
  • Added speed light (more than 130 kpm make it red and blink)
  • Added more than 30kpm sign
  • Added decimals numbers to the liters remaining
  • Fixed some buttons colors
  • And more coming soon (Stay tune for updates)
v 0.1

First Release

First release of Tesla Dashboard!


So I decided to made my first dashboard for beamng drive. This is in an early stage so isn't what the final version gonna look like.

To do:

  • Speedometer
  • Blinkers
  • Music (i'm gonna add later music control and volume)
  • RPM (i'll make more good looking in the future)
  • Low fuel warning
  • Car Settings (WIP)
  • Fan Settings (for instance is not functional)
  • Map (is the ET2 map since beamng drive don't support it)
  • Fuel remaining

This version only displays the essentials and is a proof of concept.

If I see support I will add more features and anything you want (if I can)